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The Center for Progressive Dentistry is dedicated to helping you receive experienced care. Our team of experienced and trained dental professionals are some of the best in Scottsdale AZ. We love to make you smile and be proud of your smile.  We invite you to learn more about our doctors and look forward to seeing you in our office.

Thomas M. Sims, DDS


Dr. Sims might be a familiar face to some as he is a third generation Arizonan. After graduating from Saguaro High School he entered into the military and upon his return continued his education at Arizona State University. During his educational pursuit he elected to spend two years volunteering for his church in South Africa. He later returned to resume his education at California's famed dental school, Loma Linda University. Dr. Sims then returned to the valley of the sun to be near his extended family and provide care to the community he loves.

Through many various continuing education programs he has attended over the years, Dr. Sims has become well versed in many varieties of restorative dentistry including cosmetic and complicated dental procedures like full mouth rehabilitation and hybrid dentures incorporating the use of implants. He has always kept up with the new technologies that has created an easier and more comfortable means to deliver care to his patients.

Dr. Sims has always had the drive to continue to learn. One area that has always evaded him as well as the majority of other practicing dentists is understanding the world of TMD (temporomandibular joint disorders) and it's associated cranial facial pain. Through his tireless search he feels he has found the answer and is excited about the new protocols he follows. He feels so strongly about this newly acquired body of knowledge that he has elected to open a practice treating these disorders . He joins a group of 45(and growing) centers throughout the world following these same protocols. The approach he uses is innovative yet it is very holistic and practical. Dr. Sims believes that within time all dental and medical students will understand the concepts he currently employs. Because these disorders often overlap into the medical community the opportunity to once again develop a bridge between the medical and dental community has emerged.

As Doctor Sims has worked within the arena of craniofacial pain it has become very clear that these problems can consume the patient's life. From the time they rise until the time they retire for bed many of their thoughts and emotions revolve around where they hurt and more pointedly how can they move beyond their pain. In many instances a person's poor sleep can influence the daytime problems they are experiencing. Doctor Sims looks forward with much anticipation to meet individuals with these concerns to discuss their needs. He knows he can bring relief to a problem that generally has been present for many years. He describes how satisfying it is to see his patients experience a literal change in their lives as they rid themselves of pain that they have had for many years and enjoy a good nights sleep. It is clear that as his patients progress through the care provided they once again can gain more control of their health putting them in charge of their body not allowing pain to direct them.

He also devotes his time to the service of his community. He has often said "service is the juice of life!" One area he has participated in for the past 16 years is volunteering his time to provide free dental work for under privileged children. Dr. Sims is truly an asset to the community. Upon meeting Dr. Sims, you will find yourself immediately comforted by his welcoming smile, his compassion for his patients and his commitment to providing them with the highest quality of care. If you have any questions or would like to contact Dr. Sims, please call our office at (480)248 -7788 or email him at

Susan Valandra

Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Susan Valandra

I’m Susan Valandra and it’s an honor to be working alongside the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre here in Scottsdale, AZ. As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, it might seem odd to find me here, but you’ll come to learn that Holistic Nutrition plays an integral part of the healing protocol for TMJ & Sleep Disorders. My goal in working with individuals is always the same, to empower and educate you to use food as medicine to maximize healing and energy production in the body.

I’m originally from Michigan, and I completed my undergraduate studies at a private institution called Northwood University, where I achieved a dual major in Business Administration and International Business. After graduation, I moved to Scottsdale, AZ to begin working for a large financial firm here in the Phoenix Valley. While working in Finance in 2009, I found my passion for holistic health and wellness after getting terribly sick and having an arduous journey back into my own health. After that experience, I decided to go back to school at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts to study Holistic Nutrition, where I became Certified as a Holistic Nutritionist in 2012. From there, I opened a nutrition consulting practice in April of 2013 and have been loving it ever since!

I take a holistic approach to wellness and incorporate more than just nutrition into an overall wellness plan. The goal is to understand first what your body needs and what organ or organ system is out of balance. Once identified, I work with you to incorporate sustainable changes to help you re-learn how to eat and live for a healthy and vibrant you! With overall goals of increased energy and sense of well-being, I work with you to make your best YOU! This is done through targeting specific nutrients your body needs, finding foods and supplements containing those nutrients, and determining the best ways to incorporate them into your diet. By increasing your nutrient intake, you increase your energy, vibrancy and your body’s healing potential!

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